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Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts


Install according to installation guidelines & follow recommended safe work practice.
Remove dirt from pipes, fittings & DM ring. Clean pipe & fitting with clean & dry cloth.
Cut off 25mm beyond the edge of the crack in case any crack is discovered on the pipe.
Cut the pipe as square (perpendiculari as possible before making a joint.
Remove the burr on the surface of the pipe before jointing.
Use rubber lubricant on the surface of the pipe in case of “RF joint”.
Assemble quickly after applying solvent cement or rubber lubricant.
Rotate the pipes into 90o in case of SF joints while pushing the pipe into fitting & hold for 30 seconds.
Only use “VIMITMETALS" UPVC Solvent Cement & Rubber tubricant for installation.
Use pipe & fitting from same manufacturer only.
Use DM seal only with pipes & fittings.
To avoid misalignment of vertical stacks use correct spacing of pipe clips as per chart given.
Only use SF joint system In case of horizontal installation.
Main stack should be protected with water seat trap. Specialty where there is mixing of soil & waste.
Maintain 10mm gap at socket bottom in between RE joint system pipes & fittings to accommodate thermal expansion & contraction.
For installations exposed to the sun, coat pipe & fitting with water based paint.


Don’t drop pipes on edges from heights. Don’t drop heavy objects on pipes or walk on pipes.
Don’t use UPVC Solvent cements & rubber lubricant that does not recommending.
Do not use this pipe & fittings more than the required pressure 2.5 Kg/cm2
Don’t keep the Solvent cement can in open condition & keep out of naked flame.
Don’t add thinner or other solvents to the solvent cement or lubricant.
Provide properventing wherever required.
Do not over tighten door caps. Check placement of rubber ring before tightening
Do not use oil based paints for PVC pipes & fittings.

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