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uPVC SWR Pipes


uPVC SWR Pipes

Providing an ideal solution to conventional drainage system, we bring forth a huge collection of SWR Pipes that are capable of withstanding rough and robust handling. Entirely free from leakage, our premium quality PVC SWR Pipes readily takes care of thermal expansion or contraction. Moreover, our Plain SWR Pipes are easy to install and renders excellent immunity against corrosion, chemical and galvanic corrosion. We are well-known Plastic SWR Pipes Manufacturer and Exporter based in India.Our SWR Pipes are manufactured as per IS 13592.


Durable for hot waste water disposal.
UV stabilized to ensure lifetime endurance.
Smooth finish to ensure non choking system.
Trouble free functioning saves on inspection and maintenance costs.
Far superior when compared to conventional CI & AC systems.


Protected from effects of UV-rays.
Availability of full range of fittings for known purposes of use.
Hygienic for conveying potable water.
No sediment deposition and hence no reduction in cross-sectional area even after use of several years.


Special treatment at compounding stage ensures that the product is immune to rodent attacks.
Self extinguishing as it does not support combustion.
There is no problem of clogging & choking up of drain because of smooth inner surface.
Unaffected by a wide range of chemicals, these pipes & fittings are ideally suited for application.
Constant contact with water does not affect the material.
Weather resistant upto -5° to 70° ± 2°C

 Specifications & Types

Nominal Outside Diameter Mean Outside Diameter Outside Diameter at Any Point Wall Thickness, S Type A Wall Thickness, S Type B
   Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
75 75.0 75.30 74.10 75.90 1.80 2.20 3.20 3.80
110 110.0 110.40 108.60 111.40 2.20 2.70 3.20 3.80
160 160.0 160.50 158.00 162.00 3.20 3.80 4.00 4.60

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