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Quality Control

Quality Policy

Quality systems existing at Vimit Metals & Infrastucture Pvt. Ltd. comply with the requirement of International standard systems of ISO:9001:2008. To achieve the objectives of the quality policy, company plans to implement & achieve Total Quality Management. Quality checks have been introduced at various work centers of the company under the guidance & expertise of Certified Quality Management Consultants. Persistent follow up by management, internal/external audits and relentless efforts on the part of employees have paid rich dividends. Working in accordance with quality systems has now become a way of life at "Vimit Metals & Infrastucture Pvt. Ltd."

Basic contents of the Quality Policy are

The policy lays down the basic philosophy and translates it into practice, by defining formalized procedures to be completed in sequential steps. It's our continuous efforts to go beyond norms & limits set by standards and create our own standards to achieve excellence. Emphasis is given on detailed study of subjects and fields of our interest. We ensure that detailed drawings, specifications and materials with correct properties only, are supplied/made available for manufacturing of uPVC Column Pipes, uPVC Pressure Pipes, uPVC Casing Pipes, uPVC Plumbing Pipes, uPVC SWR Pipes, uPVC Conduit Pipes, SWR Fittings etc. The effectiveness of quality systems is reviewed by the top management regularly.

Utmost Satisfaction of Client's expectation.
Innovative, cost and time effective services.
Consistent and continuous quality improvement.
Fulfillments of defined quality objective targets.
Develop the organization as an international centre for excellence.
Continuous evaluation of market to explore challenging areas of operation.

Qualty Certificates

Vimit Metals & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 accredited organization.The group has been registered with the following organizations:

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Care Ratings Professional Risk Opinion : Click here to view
Indian organization for commerce and industry : Click here to view

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